We aim to build wealth and make positive-change through identifying the world’s most sustainable companies.

Blue Oceans Capital manages research for funds held under the Harbourside Capital Blue Oceans MDA.

The Harbourside Capital – Blue Oceans Wholesale Strategy is ultra-concentrated, typically holding only around 7 to 15 companies at any one time.

The Harbourside Capital – Blue Oceans Retail Strategy combines the wholesale strategy with three sustainable ETFs reducing volatility.

We focus on identifying high-growth companies with defensible, long-term revenue streams and positive cash flow from operations.

Sustainability is at the heart of our analysis. We only select companies having a positive impact, because building a better world both minimises suffering and offers the best performance.

We think differently, to find the best opportunities.

Our Purpose

OUR PURPOSE is to drive the growth of companies creating better outcomes for society and the environment

OUR VISION is for the companies doing the most good in the world, to be the most successful

We think differently, to find the best opportunities. We’re grounded by a philosophy of sustainability, innovation and Blue Oceans thinking.

Our Team


Will Simpson
Portfolio Manager

Master of Business Administration / Bachelor of Applied Science

“There’s nothing quite like the intellectual challenge that involves searching for the best investments possible. This, coupled with the great satisfaction of seeing those companies perform over time, makes investing a thrilling and greatly rewarding pursuit”

Will has over 90% of his wealth and family members invested in the strategy.


Manik Goyal
Analyst & Software Engineer

Diploma of Big Data Analytics / Bachelor of Computer Applications

“The process of categorising, analysing, eliminating, shortlisting, researching and ultimately investing in a company – and to see it grow beyond expectations – is one of the most fulfilling journeys you can go on in your life. And I get to go on this amazing journey everyday.”

Manik has over 90% of his wealth invested in the fund and contributes 10% of his salary into the strategy.


Pavel Braganza

Master of Professional Accounting / Bachelor of Economics

“Nothing motivates me more than applying my best skills to select quality, sustainable companies with sound business models to invest in and watch grow over time. It only gets better knowing we work as a powerful team in the persistent pursuit of continual improvement.”

Pavel contributes 10% of his salary into the strategy.

Niharika Joshi Bhatt

Niharika Joshi Bhatt

PHD Business Management / Diploma of Human Rights

“The intellectual challenge of our investment process coupled with a sustainable overlay makes each day rewarding and purposeful. Additionally, we never stand still, we continuously upgrade our knowledge and systems and that makes Blue Oceans an exciting place to be a part of.”

Niharika contributes 10% of her salary into the strategy.

Anya Phelan

Dr Anya Phelan
Impact Initiatives Advisor

Lecturer and Sr Research Fellow / Sustainability and Oceans Plastics / University of Queensland, Business School

Dr Phelan is an ecological economist and sustainable development specialist. Her social science research focuses on international development, responsible supply chains, circular economy, and sustainable livelihoods. Her work has been influential in advising national manufacturing groups and the Indonesian Government.

The ‘Blue Oceans’ concept

The ‘Blue Oceans’ concept describes a mindset of boundless potential that can side-step competitive forces by occupying uncontested markets. 

The term was coined by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne in 2004, and since then, it has expanded widely as a powerful formula for breaking down perceived boundaries and constraints

This concept forms the foundation of our approach to investing. For us, Blue Oceans Strategy is a mental framework and a methodology for contributing to society in a sustainable way. It evokes the senses, representing our passion for the environment, the ocean and the creative force of nature. 

We see a fundamental link between environmental sustainability and the financial services industry. Investment institutions, as providers of capital, have enormous power to force change, it’s simply a matter of will. And in our view, it’s a core responsibility. 

In contrast to Blue Ocean thinking, there is the Red Ocean. This is the status-quo where industry boundaries are well-defined and inequality is entrenched. Companies waste valuable resources trying to compete and grab limited market share. Inevitably, returns diminish and products become commoditised. 

Blue Oceans, on the other hand, are untapped market opportunities that have been neglected. They can be forged in completely new product segments, or they can come from pushing the boundaries of existing markets. All it takes is innovation and conviction.  

This is how we approach investing. This is our edge.

Reference: Kim, W. C., Mauborgne, R. (2005). Blue Ocean Strategy: From Theory to Practice. California Management Review, 47(3), 105–121.

Founder’s story

Will Simpson grew up as a third generation cattle grazier in Western Queensland. His experience fuelled both his passion for sustainability, and his appreciation for the devastating effects of climate change and environmental mismanagement on the land. 

Will is devoted to sustainability, to eliminating human and animal suffering, to regenerating sustainable ecosystems, and to the evolution of sustainable economies.

His passion for investing began at a young age. He traded stocks while on school holidays, and he studied the teachings of Benjamin Graham, John Burr Williams, Charles Munger, & Warren Buffett. As he grew older he adapted their teachings to develop his own sustainable, value-based, investment principles.

He completed a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Queensland, and promptly took a humanitarian route with NGO Oaktree, he worked to advance the education of disadvantaged children in Kwa Zulu Natal, in South Africa.

The work was important, but Will wanted to go deeper, to deal with the core issue of economic sustainability. He felt education and a better quality of life would naturally flow from better economic opportunities. 

From the humanitarian space he transitioned to developing a factoring-business. He spent four years building the business, and the process taught him a lot about both effective management, and how to invest.  

In 2015 he went back to UQ to complete his MBA. This was a quantum leap in his education. It exposed him to the power of social enterprise and sustainable investment. And it solidified his view in the power of financial markets to drive change by providing capital to companies innovating to make the world a better place. 

Despite his energy for investing in the new breed of businesses, he couldn’t shake a sense of unease about the illogical methods of mainstream investors. It was so prone to poor results, and Will wanted to prove that his concentrated, value-based approach would yield outperformance. 

In 2016 he launched Blue Oceans Capital to scale-up his investments into sustainable companies, and to drive the evolution of our economy. 

He allocated all his investable wealth into a concentrated portfolio of global listed companies. Over 4 years he built a track-record, proving both the outperformance potential of sustainable investing, while also demonstrating the power of his unique approach. By driving investment into innovative companies, investors can actively accelerate the transition to a sustainable global economy. This is Will’s mission, he’s excited about the potential of his fund to reduce both human and animal suffering, to improve natural ecosystems, while also increasing the wealth, prosperity and wellbeing of his clients.