Performance of the Blue Oceans Capital Fund Manager

The performance of the fund manager below is not expected to continue over the long-term. The fund aims to achieve 15% annualised average return on a rolling 5 year basis.

Annualised Return Since Inception – 41.49%
Total Return Since Inception – 127.46%
Inception Date – 01/07/2016

Period Blue Oceans MSCI World Leaders ESG
FY17 19.81% 13.54%
FY18 49.42% 7.75%
FY18 58.24% 5.94%
Q1 FY20 9.86% 0.36%

“Blue Oceans Performance compared to MSCI World Leaders ESG Index” The MSCI index is made up of companies with high Environmental, Social and Governance performance. For more information on the index click here.


How have those results been achieved?

Portion of Total Annual Gain


Chart One. Portion of total annual gain by company.

Chart One above shows each investment over the three years and its contribution to gain in net asset value for the year. There have been a total of 25 investments over the three years. During that time our investment philosophy and methodology has developed which led to the sale of some investments. The case studies below highlight learnings from investment failures Freelancer (FLN), Telstra (TLN), & Blue Sky Alternatives (BLA) as well as highlight a range of our current investments The Trade Desk (TTD), Solar Edge (SEDG), A2 Milk (A2M), and Paycom (PAYC).

Investment Case Studies

The following case studies provide an overview of current stocks and also each of the three investments that declined in value as highlighted in red in the chart above. 

Current Investments
The Trade Desk (TTD) – Programmatic advertising pdf download
Solar Edge (SEDG) – Renewable energy pdf download
A2 Milk (A2M) – Easily digested milk pdf download
Paycom (PAYC) – Efficient human resource management pdf download

Investment Failures
Freelancer 2013 – 2017 (FLN) – Global outsourcing platform pdf download
Telstra 2014 – 2016 (TLS) – Australia’s largest telco pdf download
Blue Sky Alternatives 2017 – 2018 (BLA) – Alternative investment fund pdf download

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