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Our Fees

Our fees have been structured to be simple and maximise returns for investors. We charge a flat fee only, with no performance fees.

Retail strategy: 1.25% plus $125 per annum account fee

Wholesale Strategy: 1% plus $125 per annum account fee

Other transfer and brokerage fees apply, see table below for more details.

HSC Blue Oceans MDA Sustainable Retail Fund Sustainable Wholesale Fund
Fees when your money moves in or out of you managed account
Establishment Fee
(The fee to open your investment)
Nil Nil
Contribution Fee
(The fee on each amount contributed to your investment)
Nil Nil
Withdrawal Fee
(The fee on each amount you take out of your investment)
Nil Nil
Termination Fee
(The fee to close your investment)
Nil Nil
Annual Management Costs
Account Management Fee – Charged Daily
(The account service charges)
0.28% p.a 0.28% p.a
Investment Management Fee – Charged Daily
(The fee Blue Oceans charges)
0.97% p.a 0.72% p.a.
Performance Fee
(In excess of given benchmark)
Nil Nil
Annual Flat Fee $125 $125
Indirect Fee (ETF MER) 0.24% Nil
Commissions We do not receive any commissions or mark-ups
Service Fee
(In facilitating currency exchange of account base)
1% of transaction value per currency exchange